google-logoWell… actually they have been making weekly/monthly changes over the last few years…

Have you heard of Panda, Penguin, Hummingbird?!?!?!?  What else is there?  Well Google is now rolling out a new “entity” search.  This is a search for the consumers so they can get the best possible result on any given search query.  This new search has been slowly rolled out over the last couple years.  With technology changing daily…  Google is trying to keep up and have their search result progress just as quickly.  They are trying to weed out all spammers and non-relevant websites.  By doing this it makes it more difficult for the local business owner appear on the 1 page of search results.  With proper knowledge and training your local marketing professional can gain your website relevance to start appearing in the top search results.

Google rolled out Panda, Penguin & Hummingbird Algorithms starting back in 2011.  Just a quick explanation of each algorithm: Panda focuses on the content of your website; Penguin focuses on black hat or spam of your website; and Hummingbird, rolled out late 2013, reinforces everything with the Panda and Penguin Algorithms.  Hummingbird introduced the importance of mobile search and how it is performed.  Smart phones have voice activated search (apps, Siri, etc.) and google wanted to utilize this feature and have their search engine take advantage of this technology.  When hummingbird came out, Google no longer focused on keywords and they now focus on key phrases.  With the mobile world being voice activated, Google realized the importance on mobile search.

Unfortunately there are several poor marketing companies out there that are still selling false guarantees with top spot results on Google. For instance, if anyone thinks that Google is still searching with individual keywords, they need to speak with a educated marketing professional.  Google has made several changes in the last few years and they are now searching with phrases.  Be very skeptical on the knowledge of your marketing consultant if they are selling you keyword based SEO programs.

Here is information regarding the Algorithms on SEJ.

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